Water Harvesting Workshop in Kamloops BC- Course Ended

Rain Garden

Learn the skills to design and build your own water harvesting system!

This one day workshop will provide you with the knowledge to help you understand, design and build your own basic water harvesting system. This course is packed with simple tips and tricks to get you started.

Topics covered will include:

Benefits of Water Harvesting

How to calculate and size your system

How to build a simple DIY rain barrel

How to protect your site from Drought and Fire

Techniques for harvesting water for Farm and Garden

Gordon Hiebert, Element Eco-Design

Join us and learn to Reduce your Irrigation Costs and Grow Happier Healthier Crops with Rain Water Harvesting!



For more Information or to Register Contact:  

Shelaigh Garson at EveryOne’s Eden Garden Design

Phone: 250-852-0681

Email: edenquest@me.com