South Broadview School Garden


A Cool School Garden!

This project has been a year in the making and Gord and I could not be happier with the results! A couple of weekends ago we braved the rain to facilitate the installation of a school garden at the South Broadview Elementary School in Salmon Arm. The School Garden Committee contracted us to design the garden after being awarded a grant in support of the project.  Gord and I were more than happy to consult with the committee and together we came up with a beautiful and function design for the students and staff of South Broadview.

Next came the fund raising! The South Broadview School Garden Committee worked tirelessly to create fun and innovative fundraising plans to earn enough to make the garden a reality. Some of the great ideas they came up with included two sponsorship programs.  The first they entitled Rock-Stars, this allowed parents to sponsor a boulder in the name of a group, family or loved one.  The boulders were used throughout the design as individual seating as well as in the Reading Circle for a class to gather as a group. The program was a great success and all of the boulders were sponsored in no time at all! A plaque will be mounted on the garden shed with the names of all the sponsors and who they sponsored their boulder for.

The second sponsorship program was also a great success, the Garden Committee constructed a tree out of branches and decorated it with silk leaves, on each of the leaves a plant from the design and a price was written. Parents could chose to sponsor one or more plants for the garden, prices for the plants varied from $2-$16 which made it very easy for parents to chose a dollar amount that worked for their budgets. The parents could then pick the silk leaf of their choosing from the tree and bring it to the school office for payment.  This was a really fun and interactive way for parents to show their support for the garden project! Great ideas Garden Committee!

The business community was very gracious and donated a number of items to the garden project including plants and building materials.  A number of items were supplied at a considerable discount as well, including soil, mulch, crusher chip and a beautiful 8’x8′ garden shed for the kids to safely store tools and equipment! The generous contributions were countless and priceless!

Another way parents, staff and community members were able to show their support for the South Broadview School Garden was by getting their hands dirty! The garden was completed in one day with the help of many volunteers in an event called a Permablitz. Everyone was able to contribute their skills at the ‘blitz, a number of garden boxes were built the morning of the event and moved into place in the afternoon, the groundwork and boulder placement was done by a volunteer who had experience operating a small bobcat, the many gardeners on hand helped with planting and everyone helped form pathways, dig soil and move mulch! We had the best group of volunteers you could ask for, they braved the mud and rain and were happy doing it! Thank you so much everyone! Click here for photos from the event.


Thank you again to everyone who made this project such a success and to the South Broadview Garden Committee who worked so hard in all of their fundraising and community endeavours, you all did a fabulous job! We look forward to visiting the garden in the spring to see what the kids have planted.