Water Harvesting

Living in the Okanagan means we live in the driest watershed in Canada. This does not mean we live in a water deficit by any means. We need to shift our mindset and see that we are living in water abundance. Water is the key to life on this planet and in Permaculture Design it is the first element to be addressed.

Most of our rainwater is diverted off of our properties into storm sewers during large rain events. This gives us the opportunity to capture this water and put it to productive use on our properties by storing it in tanks or in the soil. By implementing water harvesting strategies and techniques on both large and small scale properties we can rehydrate our landscape to create productive oasis's even in the driest environments.

At Element Eco-Design we utilize natural systems and hydrological processes as well as man-made structures to gain the most utility from our water and encourage this water to infiltrate rather than runoff.

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