Okanagan College Demonstration Garden

In 2012 Element Eco-Design was asked to create a conceptual design for a Demonstration Garden and Community Farm at the Okanagan College Kalamalka Lake Campus. This development is part of a greater movement to maintain strong local economies, especially in the development of sustainable food systems. The hands-on experience gained from this site by both students and community members will contribute to a sustainable, resilient local community. This site will also help to maintain the rich agricultural heritage the Okanagan Valley is known for.

Some of the key design elements in this project include:
Passive Water Harvesting
An Outdoor Classroom and Social Space
Community Farm/Garden
College Garden Plots
Food Forest and Native Plant Gardens

The Okanagan College Demonstration Garden Project has the opportunity to create a vibrant, shared space between teachers, students, businesses, non-profits, local government and community members. The site will focus on best practices in agriculture and agriculture technology to foster a sustainable future for the abundant Okanagan Valley.