Integrated Design

Permaculture is a holisitic design-science framework for creating regenerative environments to take care of all human needs including: physical, social, environmental and economic. Our integrated designs go beyond looking at one aspect of a landscape to seeing how the separate pieces function as a whole.

Permaculture design encourages natural patterns and mimics existing ecosystems, to maintain a balanced, diverse landscape that integrates seamlessly into the existing land or structures. When applied to food growing systems, Permaculture can cultivate high yielding, disease resistant, low maintenance gardens that actively regenerate and improve soil, air and water quality. Landscapes, once established can be allowed to grow and evolve into mature systems that become stronger as time goes on.

This means our designs are more comprehensive than simply landscaping plans. We look for opportunities to improve existing habitat and environments. We do this through the use of creative design element including:

Water Harvesting
Onsite Nutrient Cycling (composting)
Habitat Creation
Animal Husbandry
Efficient Access Ways
Greenhouse and Shed Design
Outdoor Living Spaces
Sustainable Energy Systems

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