Edible Forest Gardens

An Edible Forest Garden or Food Forest represents a long-term, diverse, self-fertile food solution for both residential and commercial agriculture. Food forests are a mix of traditional North American agriculture that incorporates both perennial and annual plants to be used for food, fuel, fibre, fodder, fertilizer, farmacueticals and fun!

Food forests are based on the natural architecture of the forest (trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, ground covers and root crops) to create an agriculture that mimics natural ecosystems.

Food forests play with different stages of ecological succession. We choose appropriate species to create productive food growing systems based on existing environmental conditions (light, water, aspect, soil type and topography).

Productive species are chosen (edible trees, shrubs and herbs) and are interplanted with support species to provide for all the needs of the productive species (nitrogen fixation, nutrient accumulation, pest deterrent, beneficial insect attractor and mulch plants).

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