Commercial Massage Clinic, Vernon

In 2013 Element Eco-Design was commissioned to design and install an Edible Landscape for Nexus Health and Wellness in Vernon, BC.

The landscape was inspired by traditional Japanese garden design but had to be adapted to an Edible Landscape that could withstand the hot Okanagan climate all while maintaining a pleasing, low maintenance aesthetic.

Some of the features of the is Commercial Landscape include wheel chair accessibility, safe visual sight lines and a rain garden for storm water management.

To maintain the Edible Landscape value, Element Eco-Design included Raspberry/Blackberry and Blueberry Hedges, Alpine Strawberry, Culinary/Medicinal Herbs and Fruit/Berry Trees for shade. We also included Hostas, Black Lace Elder and Flowering Plum to create a depth of colour through the garden.

To ensure the Zen/Japanese aesthetic of the project Element Eco-Design worked hard to find edible, drought hardy substitutes for plant species that are typically found in Traditional Japanese Garden Design. Some examples of this include Service Berry instead of Pagoda Dogwood, Blueberry instead of Boxwood and Rhubarb in place of Japanese Aralia.