Permaculture Food Forest Practicum – Course Ended


Learn to install a Permaculture Food Forest in this 2 day Edible Forest Garden Practicum. Learn hands on methods to layout, install and maintain your own Permaculture Food Forest.

So, you have read all the books and subscribed to the You Tube channels, this is it, you are ready to install your first Permaculture Food Forest!

Or maybe, you’re still new to the whole blossoming world of Food Forestry, that’s great too!

Either way, join Element Eco-Design for this 2 day hands-on installation workshop and gain the skills you need to install your own beautiful, productive edible Forest Garden.

But before we get too far into what this is all about here’s the nuts and bolts you’ll want to know to schedule yourself for the course:

Workshop Nuts & Bolts:

When: May 1, 7-9pm and May 4-5, 9am-4pm

Where: Vernon, BC

Admission: $200(+gst)



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What does the workshop include?:

This workshop begins with a 2 hour Evening Keynote address by with Food Forester Richard Walker. Richard has been designing, installing and maintaining food forest for over 30 years and has created his living from these systems.

What you will learn from Richard:

  • What makes a Food Forest
  • A case for Food Forestry
  • Medicinals: grow your Farmacy

Day 1 we jump right into it with a site tour and a look at the intended design, further topics include:

  • Food Forest Design Review: Design Presentation and Q&A
  • Understanding Permaculture Techniques: Swale, Terrace & Branch Drain Construction
  • Tools to get the job done: learn the exact tools and parts we use and why
  • Plant Selection Presentation- Productive vs Support Species
  • Hands-on: Planting, Pruning and Propagating

Day 2 is all about long term success we will be exploring maintenance, food forest evolution and how to use your food forest, further topics include:

  • Watering: How to install drip irrigation system
  • Cover Crops: How to select the best for your site
  • Hands-on: Using your food forest
  • Mulching and Mushroom cultivation

To learn more about our Food Forest Design Course CLICK HERE!


Stop suffering from analysis paralysis, get your questions answered!


Over this 2 day workshop you will be working side-by-side with 3 experienced & knowledgeable food forest designers to learn both local and food forest global techniques.  Your instructors have worked on these and other permaculture systems world wide and have combined their experience to ensure that you get first class information and techniques.

Not only are your instructors highly experienced and vastly knowledgeable but they’re insanely fun!


Learn a little more about your Instructors:

Gordon HiebertGordon Hiebert: Gord is the Owner, Chief Instructor and Project Manager at Element Eco-Design. Gord has in-depth experience in Forest Protection, Green Building and Permaculture Design. Gordon has learned personally from many of the top names in Permaculture including Rob Avis(Into to Perm., 2009), Geoff Lawton(PDC, 2010), Dave Jacke (Edible Forest Gardening, 2012), Eric Toensmeier (Perennial Agro-Forestry, 2012) Mark Shepherd (Restoration Agriculture, 2013) and more. Gord is a passionate, dynamic speaker and holds a deep understanding of natural systems.

Javan Kerby BernakavitchJavan K. Bernakevitch: Versed in construction, natural building, environmental education, group facilitation and organic gardening, Javan offers a unique balance of content-focused education with student-centered learning.  Javan has spent extensive time studying with Sepp Holzer, including time studying with him in Austria in 2013. Javan is a wealth of knowledge and has a fun upbeat teaching style that is bound to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

richardwalker2012Keynote by guest instructor Richard Walker:Richard is a food forester, designer, herbalist and teacher with over 30 years of organic growing experience.  He also has a great depth of herbal medicine knowledge and has developed herbal medicinal tinctures and teas for over 25 years. He shares his knowledge of plant biology to promote healthy living through the philosophy of food and herbs as medicine.




So if you are ready to take the next step, join us for this 2 day Food Forest extension workshop. Bring your tools and your enthusiasm and walk away empowered to get digging


Workshop Nuts & Bolts:

When: May 1, 7-9pm and May 4-5, 9am-4pm

Where: Vernon, BC

Admission: $200(+gst)



To learn more about our Food Forest Design Course CLICK HERE!

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