Permaculture Design & Consulting

Go Green Overview 3D Final 3Permaculture design adds life, energy and productivity to any landscape. Our sustainable designs create comfortable, functional systems that  build soil, regenerate natural ecosystem, produce nutrient dense organic food, increase self-sufficiency and create more resilient communities. Element Eco-Design also believes that any landscape should be an extension of your home and it must evoke positive emotions.

At Element Eco-Design we know it is the arrangement of the elements that make a design successful. We work with the following elements to create an oasis for you:

  • Soil (creation, mineral and microbial health)
  • Edible Landscapes (herb beds, home gardens, food forest)
  • Water Management (rainwater harvesting, water harvesting earthworks, grey water systems, conservation)
  • Waste Management (composting, recycling, reducing consumption)
  • Building Design (passive solar design, eco-renovations, alternative building materials)

Our Design Process is an interactive process between us and our clients to establish their goals and needs. Once we have done a need assessment and established clear goals we assess the property resources, including local ecosystems to establish a base map. We combine the site specific data with the clients goals to create a beautiful, functional design.


Our process is as follows:

  • Client Introduction/Site Assessment
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Design
  • Implementation
  • Survey/Feedback

Our rates vary depending on the size of land and complexity of the system. Please contact us for specific rates and details for you home, farm or workspace.