Permaculture Design Certificate 2015, Lumby BC -Course Ended


Element Eco-Design is excited to announce that we will be offering a Part-Time Permaculture Design Certificate workshop in Lumby, BC.

Delivered over 12 weeks this course arms you with the skills to design and create your own regenerative future! Here is what others are saying about their past Element Eco-Design workshop experiences!

“…opened my eyes and my mind to a much more sustainable and efficient way of living.” Jordan, Victoria BC.
“My eyes are open to the magic and transformational reality of Permaculture….I can truly say my future is changed Perma-nently!” Sue, Hedly BC


Workshop Details:

We have chosen to deliver this workshop over 6 alternating weekdays (Monday-Tuesday) to make it most accessible to you. Most Permaculture Design Certificate are delivered over an incredibly intense full-time 14 day period with one maybe 2 days off in the middle; this is how we took our certification in Australia.   But, we understand that this is not feasible for everyone, many of us work, have kids or have a farm to run. Which is why we have chosen the part-time format for this PDC. You still get the same amazing content, focused instruction and community building opportunities but with a little time to digest the info between sessions. This will help you retain more info and even put some of your skill to use at home during the 12 week program.

Here is how it breaks down, all sessions run 9am-5pm on Monday and Tuesday:

Week 1, January 12 & 13: Introduction and Patterns in Design
Week 2, January 26 & 27: Trees and Water
Week 3, February 9 & 10: Soils and Earthworks
Week 4, February 23 & 24: Bio Regional Strategies
Week 5, March 9 & 10: Urban Strategies and Aquaculture
Week  6, March 23 & 24: Strategies for an Alternative Nation 

We will cover a ton of material over this time and most of our time will be spent in a classroom setting but fear not, we will have special hand-on sessions throughout the weeks and you will get a chance to get your hands dirty!

At Element we work hard to keep our classroom time dynamic! Many of you have heard Gordon speak before and would agree he is passionate about Permaculture and keen to keep the discussions flowing, we will be covering some pretty hard hitting topics which always makes for lively conversation. We will be working in groups to create real world designs from the ground up.

Learn better by doing? We want to make sure that folks with all learning styles get the most they can out of this workshop! As such, we will have a number of hands-on lessons throughout the workshop. You will be learning observation, plant identification, land surveying, propagation and tons more.


Tuition Deadlines:
November 15, 2014: $1,000 (+GST)(Co-op Members $900)
After November 15, 2014: &1,100 (+GST) (Co-op members $1000)
After December 15, 2014: &1,200 (+GST)

Registration can be completed online or in store at the Monashee Community Co-0p.



Want to learn more?:

We are facing some troubling times, the population is experiencing rapid growth and more and more cultures are adopting an unsustainable western diet which has been a cause of serious global issues.

How does what we eat effect things like climate change, habitat loss, water pollution and massive soil erosion? Our western industrial agriculture methods are directly effecting all of these serious global issues. We are clearing our vital forests to plant intensive crops of corn, wheat and soy. These types of agriculture are heavily dependent on fossil fuels, mass tilling and chemical spraying; we are told this is the only way to feed the world.

Permaculture is a design science rooted in positive action and thoughtful observation. Permaculture uses a keen set of ethics and design principles to go beyond sustainability to create regenerative human settlements and relationships that are working all over the world to restore some of the most damaged environments.

What does this mean for the average gardener, farmer, business owner or super hero?

We provide you with the skills necessary to:

Grow clean, healthy food for yourself, your family and your community. Permaculture gardening is simple, lower maintenance and higher yielding than conventional gardening methods. Learn how to companion plant, cycle seasonal crops and use plant architecture to design your garden to produce more by stacking more in over space and time.

Grow rich, organic top soil easily. Farming in the Permaculture way means good design and good design means less work. A Permaculture farm is well laid out and views all waste as a resource. Learn how to add more to your farm while creating less work.

Grow your business by strengthening and supporting your community.

Make a global difference. We have all heard the term “think global, act local”, by making small local change and sharing your success with others you can make a huge global impact. We can also connect you with Permaculture Designers working all over the world, from New Zealand to Kenya to right here in Canada. The kind of positive change you want to make is up to you!

So if you want to change the world of just your back yard; Permaculture Design can open doors you never thought existed.

Tuition Deadlines:
November 15, 2014: $1,000 (+GST)(Co-op Members $900)
After November 15, 2014: &1,100 (+GST) (Co-op members $1000)
After December 15, 2014: &1,200 (+GST)

Registration can be completed online or in store at the Monashee Community Co-0p.



Why we think you will love this course:

Dynamic Instruction: Element Eco-Deisgn provides quality Permaculture Instruction, we are as dedicated to your learning experience as we are to our own. As such, we are dedicated to continuous improvement through ongoing education and experience.

Gordon Hiebert

Primary Instructor:

Gordon Hiebert, B.Comm, PDC: Gord is the Owner, Chief Instructor and Project Manager at Element Eco-Design. Gord has in-depth experience in Forest Protection, Green Building and Permaculture Design. Gordon has learned personally from many of the top names in Permaculture including Rob Avis(Into to Perm., 2009), Geoff Lawton(PDC, 2010), Daren Dorhety (Keyline Design, 2012), Anne Adams (Holistic Management, 2012), Dave Jacke (Edible Forest Gardening, 2012), Eric Toensmeier (Perennial Agro-Forestry, 2012) Mark Shepherd (Restoration Agriculture, 2013) and more. Gord is a passionate, dynamic speaker and holds a deep understanding of natural systems.


Real World Experience: Along with vital design theory you will be gaining essential real world design experience. As part of your Final Design Exercise you will be consulting on a real world design project to create a Permaculture Design for an actual client. This is an incredible opportunity to put the ideas and strategies you have learned over the course of the workshop in to practice.


Location, Location, Location:

Element Eco-Deisgn is teaming up with the Monashee Community Co-op to bring you this fantastic workshop. We will be learning onsite at the Monashee Community Co-op in the heart of downtown Lumby, BC.

More about the Monashee Community Co-op: Founded in the spring of 2014, MC Co-op is all about locals supporting locals!  This little idea quickly grew into a big reality with the hard work of a few volunteers, a zero sum budget and incredible community support and generosity. Now a functioning storefront the MC Co-op is open to the public and is a hub for local farmers and crafts people to market their incredible products!


Tuition Deadlines:
November 15, 2014: $1,000 (+GST)(Co-op Members $900)
After November 15, 2014: &1,100 (+GST) (Co-op members $1000)
After December 15, 2014: &1,200 (+GST)

Registration can be completed online or in store at the Monashee Community Co-0p.


Element Eco-Design

We really look forward to getting to know you and sharing our passion for Permaculture with you! Thanks for taking the time to learn about this amazing opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gord and Jana Hiebert

Element Eco-Design