Passive Solar Greenhouse

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Passive Solar Greenhouse

Above is your first look at the design for the Attached Passive Solar Greenhouse that we will be building as a part of our April 2013 Workshop. This is by no means a traditional glasshouse style greenhouse that you may expect to see; this greenhouse is specially designed for our northern climate. Some of the construction features that make this greenhouse unique include, a large double glazed window wall with perfect southern orientation, insulated North, East and West walls and an insulated foundation.  All of these construction features allow the greenhouse to absorb and hold as much heat from the sun as possible.

This greenhouse will also have simple but effective heating and cooling elements such as, heat activated vents that open to release excess heat when the interior greenhouse temperature exceeds +25 deg Celsius; these vents require no electricity to activate or monitor and can easily be added to an off-grid greenhouse. We will also be including a subterranean heating and cooling system (SHCS) to this greenhouse which sound fancy, but is actually quite simple. The heat that naturally rises to the peak of the greenhouse is collected and sent back down below the greenhouse floor where it slowly heats the soil in the greenhouse which helps to raise and maintain the temperature in the greenhouse on cooler nights, protecting the plants from killing frosts.

UPDATE: We had such a great time at this workshop! Check out our Facebook to see photos of the Greenhouse going up! Click Here

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