How’s Your Hugelkultur?

Hugelkulture Bed

If we toured your property this spring and got to see your fancy new hugelkulture bed, now is your chance to show it off! Send us an email and photos of how your hugel’ bed is doing and we will use them in an upcoming blog post and newsletter! Yippy!!

This year was a big year for Hugelkultur (pronounced hoogle-culture) beds in the Okanagan/Shuswap, many of our students and colleagues were busy as beavers this spring constructing these European raised beds.

A hugelkultur bed consists of a base of rotting wood such as old birch or apple trees that are piled in a windrow or mound then layered with smaller wood such as brush cuttings or fruit tree prunings then covered with compost and soil, the bed is then used for planting in.

Hugelkulture beds are great for building up sound berms or filling in low lying areas on your property. This is also a great strategy for building new beds in the fall because the snow will be allowed to compress and saturate the woody debris, then come spring the snow will slowly melt and be absorbed by the wood. The wood will then keep the bed moist well into the summer growing season. There is also a further theory that the decomposing wood will produce heat that may extend your growing season for the first few years, interesting eh?

I hope you are all as excited as we are to see the reader’s reports.


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