Edible Forest Gardens: Food Forest Workshop -Course Ended


Imagine stepping out into your yard and plucking a perfect tree ripened peach straight from the branch.  Do you strive to fill your home with abundance, fresh cut flowers, mouthwatering fruits, berries and aromatic herbs all season long?

Then Edible Forest Gardening is for you!

Join the Element Eco-Design team and learn how to fill your life with fruit, flowers, fun and freedom!

But before we get too far into what this is all about here’s the nuts and bolts you’ll want to know to schedule yourself for the course:


Workshop Nuts & Bolts:

When: May 1-3, 2015 9am-4pm

Where: Vernon, BC

Registration: $2oo (+gst)



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To learn more about the Hands-on Food Forest Practicum CLICK HERE!



So what is a Food Forest?

But first let’s be clear on what we are not talking about: We are not talking about large, expansive orchard systems that are row on row of chemically driven industrial agriculture.

A food forest is exactly that, a well designed, man made forest system that mimics and functions like a natural forest ecosystem; diverse, adapting and bountifully abundant.

Traditional landscapes are designed to use resources, time, money, and fossil fuels. Even the wildly popular Xeriscape landscapes, although less consumptive, provide a very little return on total investment.

Edible Forest Gardens require very little resources once installed and provide huge yield to both the homeowner and local wildlife; providing a much greater return on investment.

Bring your food to your front yard and grow an Edible Forest Garden!



What does the weekend include:

This workshop begins with an Evening Keynote address by with Food Forester Richard Walker. Richard has been designing, installing and maintaining food forest for over 30 years and has created his living from these systems.

What you will learn from Richard:

  • What makes a Food Forest
  • A case for Food Forestry
  • Medicinals: grow your Farmacy

Day 1 of this 2 day workshop will be all about design, how to read your landscape and how to take cues from nature to ensure the best design possible further topics include:

  • Food Forest Design: Ecology and succession
  • Learning from Nature: observation and interpretation
  • Food Forest Layout: Know your site
  • How to plant, water and maintain
  • Hands-on pruning fruit trees, propagating shrubs and dividing perennials

Day 2 gets in to style and customization, how to design for beauty and function and how and where to source your plants, further topics include:

  • Designing for Function and Beauty
  • Plant Selection – Productive vs Support Species
  • Sourcing, Purchasing and Propagating
  • Using your food forest
  • Hands-on grafting and budding fruit trees




Workshop Nuts & Bolts:

When: May 1-3, 2015 9am-4pm

Where: Vernon, BC

Registration: $2oo (+gst)


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Do you long for local food?

The modern diet is relatively unvaried, industrial food is grown for shelf life not for the nutritional value or even for taste factor. For example, when you think Asian Pear does your mind automatically go to styrofoam packing peanuts or to a beautiful, juicy pome fruit that pack a flavour punch worth risking your life for? I fear the former is the more common answer.

In this workshop we will teach you about rare and unique fruit, nut, berry and perennial vegetable species that have been cultivated for their nutritional value, their hardiness and of course for their taste value.

Marketers use the terms “vine ripened”, “sun dried” and “freshly harvested” for a reason, food picked, processed and consumed at the peak of it’s lifecycle just tastes better and is better for us than food that is picked green and allowed to ripen during shipping.

We live in one of the most beautiful and productive places on earth! Join Element Eco-Design and learn how to steward the land and create refuge for native birds, local wild life and for yourself; learn to plant an edible forest garden.


Workshop Nuts & Bolts:

When: May 1-3, 2015 9am-4pm

Where: Vernon, BC

Registration: $2oo (+gst)


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To learn more about the Hands-on Food Forest Practicum CLICK HERE!


Share in the adventure of homegrown, organic food.

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