Food Forest Design and Installation Workshop 2014- Course Ended-

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Element Eco-Design Food Forest

Have you heard the term FOOD FOREST? 

Curious why this topic is getting so much attention?

Food forestry is about creating long-term food systems in an ecologically sound manner based on the function of a natural forest. Sound complicated? Well, it can be as simple as companion planting but on a much bigger scale, instead of pairing up peas and lettuce we will be matching up fruit trees and herbs!

2014 unique 2 part workshop opportunity:

This is our third time offering this workshop here in Vernon but this time we are adding another component! A 3 day installation workshop, at which you will actually be implementing a real food forest design! Part 1 will focus on Food Forest Design and Species Selection and Part 2 will be a Hands On Installation Project.


Learn more about Part 1 of this workshop: 

Food Forest Design with Richard Walker

This workshop focuses on the process of designing a sustainable food systems that are low maintenance and long-term. Much of this component will be spent in a classroom setting. Richard will be discussing the value of a perennial food diet, how to design and maintain your food forest and tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot. Explore the abundance that awaits your backyard!

Topics covered will include:

How to design and establish a Food Forest. What are the best options for your site, how to grow a food forest for personal or economic abundance?

Tips and tricks of professional growers: How to get a jumpstart on the season, how to protect your crop from frost and how to design in a fertility plan.

Species selection: What cultivars are proven and ideas for unique and new species. 

Bonus: HANDS-ON session in budding and grafting! Learn how to customize your fruit trees to fit your needs. Do you have a favourite fruit from 


Why we think you will love this course!

Richard is a food forester, designer, herbalist and teacher with over 30 years of organic growing experience.  He also has a great depth of herbal medicine knowledge and has developed herbal medicinal tinctures and teas for over 25 years. He shares his knowledge of plant biology to promote healthy living through the philosophy of food and herbs as medicine. 

Course Info:

2 Day Food Forest Design with Richard Walker
Date: June 21-22, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Vernon, BC

Registration Info:

This workshop has ended.

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gordteaching2013Learn more about Part 2 of the is Workshop: 

Food Forest Installation with Gordon Hiebert

Element Eco-Design’s Gordon Hiebert will be taking over and teaching the essentials on how to install a food forest system. We will be heading out to beautiful Rasa Creek Organic Farm to install phase 1 of a 1 acre food forest project. Join Gord and learn in the field during this 3 day hands on workshop where you will learn the essentials of how to install and maintain your own food forest.

Topics covered will include:

Boomerang and swale construction: How to use earthworks for passive water harvesting.

Planting and soil amendments: How to get your investment off the right start.

Surface drip irrigation installation: Adding irrigation for young plants and water conservation.

Mulching and cover cropping: Building healthy soil for better success

Food Forest Maintenance: How to maintain your success with pruning and compost tea.


Why we think you will love this course!

Gordon has been designing and installing food forests since 2011 and has learned from some of the world best food forest designers including Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Research Institute, Australia), Eric Toensmeier (Author: Paradise Lot), Dave Jacke (Author: Edible Forest Gardens Vol 1& 2) and of course Richard Walker! Gord has a vast knowledge of systems design and a clear and driven passion for food forestry and permaculture design.

Course Info:

3 Day Food Forest Installation with Gordon Hiebert
Date: June 23-25, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Trinity Valley, BC
Accommodations: Daily meals and onsite Camping accommodations are included in your workshop tuition.  A simple washhouse is located onsite but tents and camping gear are not provided so please bring your own.  All meals will be vegetarian and delicious, prepared and provided by Rasa Creek Organic Farm.

Registration Info:

This workshop has ended.

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We look forward to spending some time with you and sharing our passion for Food Forestry with you! See you soon!

Gord and Jana Hiebert

Element Eco-Design

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