Adventures in Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

We always hear about the problems the world is facing: global warming, climate change, topsoil loss, deforestation, desertification, pollution, depletion of natural resources and water cycle issues. I used to feel powerless and in despair when confronted with such monumental problems as I was stuck in a “problem prone” state of mind.

For the past three years, since discovering Permaculture, I have shifted my state of mind to search for solutions as opposed focusing on the problems. In my search for solutions I have learned about Permaculture Design from Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture, taken my Permaculture Design Certificate and Earthworks Course with Geoff Lawton and have started my own Permaculture Design and Education Company, Element Eco-Design.

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Vernon Secondary School: GO GREEN

Outdoor Classroom, School Garden

It has been our pleasure to work with Vernon Secondary School during fall/winter 2011 to come up with a truly unique project. Vernon Secondary School is currently being rebuilt and is preparing to be occupied by September 2012. The new school will be one of BC’s, if not Canada’s, most energy efficient schools. This LEED Gold building will demonstrate energy efficiency through its building design and geothermal heating system. As a compliment to this low-energy building, staff, parents and students wanted to take sustainability to the next level and create a green school ground. The Go Green Project was born.
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