August: What to Plant Now

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Well by now the garlic is harvested, the lettuce has bolted and you probably have a bit of new found space in the garden, don’t let that loved and tended soil lay dormant quite yet.  There are still a number of great fall crops that you can plant now and enjoy well into the pumpkin season.


Swiss Chard and Beets, they are quick growing and fairly frost hardy.  They can be sown in to late August and protected with frost or shade cloth.  The greens are great in salads while they are young and when given a chance to mature they are great in soups and stir-frys.


Cilantro, if you planted this south west staple in spring you should have some seed developing by now.  Plant the dried seeds soon for your fall salsa recipes. Don’t forget to hold a few seeds back for next spring’s crop.



Spinach and Kale are very cold hardy and some kales can be perennial in some zone 5 areas.  Tiered of kale salad? Try dehydrating seasoned kale leafs into kale chips or freeze the washed leaves for winter soups.
These are just a few of the great cold hardy veggies you can sow now for a fall harvest!


PS.. Don’t forget to order your seed garlic for planting in October, if you are in the North Okanagan we recommend Rasa Creek Organic Garlic Farm or stop by your local farmer’s market to find varieties that are tried and tested for your area!

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