Our Company

Element Eco-Design is a Permaculture Design and Education company proudly operating in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Our Headquarters are located on a peaceful half acre just outside of Vernon, BC. We specialize in Permaculture Design and Edible Landscaping for the Earth conscious Homeowner.  Our goal is to work with nature to get your land working for you!

Permaculture Design is a framework for designing sustainable human settlements to address the needs of people including: food, shelter, water, energy and economic security. Our designs are built around Permaculture Ethics:

Our Sign

  • Care of the Earth
  • Care of People
  • Return of Surplus

Element Eco-Design applies ecological design principles to create regenerative systems that harmonize with the natural world. We combine traditional and organic agriculture, agroforestry, passive solar and natural building, sustainable development, water harvesting and ecological waste management strategies to create truly unique human environments that feel good to be a part of. Element Eco-Design is  dedicated to providing food, water, shelter and economic solutions for clients.

There is no area too big or too small for us to utilize Permaculture Design; we work on all properties from urban to rural.  See our full list of services.

At Element Eco-Design, Permaculture is far more than a system for growing food; it is a way of life. Permaculture not only addresses the built environment, it engages the social aspect of Culture as well. As such, we are dedicated to building a more resilient community by strengthening relationships throughout the Okanagan Valley. Hosting/attending gatherings, skill building events and discussion groups have been a great way for us to meet new members in our community. These venues are great for creating open spaces where community members can interact with each other to learn, share and grow together.